Essential Oils

I’ve never really been into perfumes, oils, bath salts, incense, etc. So when a friend invited me to a two-day essential oils workshop I’m thinking about hippies, incense, granola, patchouli and Birkenstocks… I declined. However, she had already paid for my tuition and book. So I reluctantly went to the class.

Wow! Definitely not what I thought!

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years – many are even mentioned in the Bible. There are so many with a variety of properties and many ways to use them. I was so excited about the oils by the end of the workshop that I started my collection right then and began to use them regularly with my family.

One of the first things I used was To Be Happy oil blend* with distilled water in a mister bottle. The workshop teacher had said how effective it was in her Sunday school class and I really liked the smell. I always love it when you can actually see the effects of something you try… We live less than 2 miles from CornerStone Christian Academy. Often we can’t even get to the first traffic light without Daniel and Rachel (ages 11 and 9) bickering. I started misting the van in the morning and again when I’d pick them up. I was amazed – no fighting! Now when anyone is arguing or it gets tense, I spray To Be Happy and we start laughing. It’s kind of our signal that it’s getting out of hand or that someone is being too crabby.

Another of my favorites that I had to try immediately after hearing about it is GI Purify blend* for stomach problems. Its amazing how fast it works. Before the workshop I had never really though of the skin as being able to absorb medicine. I tended to think of it as a protective coating to keep things out. However, the skin is a big porous organ and you can get the medicine to certain areas much faster with the oil directly to an affected area than if you ingest it and wait for it to get through the digestive system and into the blood.

The kids ask for the tummy oil when they get a stomach ache. One time when we were about to go on a family outing Daniel started complaining about his stomach. Suspecting that he didn’t want to go I flat out asked him if he was just trying to get out of it. He insisted he really wanted to go and would I rub some tummy oil on him. He lay down and pulled his shirt up I hadn’t even finished rubbing GI Purify on and he sits up and says he feels better already.

There are so many great oils. Rachel frequently asks for lavender to be rubbed on her feet at bedtime or for Trauma* oil when she gets banged up. I add a few drops of lemon to my 24 oz bottle of water I carry with me all day.

There are so many uses and properties to the oils I found that I couldn’t keep track and when something would come up I’d be thinking I know there’s something for that… I came up with some requirements for an iPhone app that would easily give me the info I needed wherever I was – and I wouldn’t have to page through dozens of oils in a book trying to remember where and what I had heard about it. Sean built it and it’s now available in the App Store. I’m very excited to share it. Key word search in the app store for Essential Oils (yes, that’s the name of the app) by Bon Petite Apps.

Or just get it here:

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* Proprietary blend from Youngevity’s Ancient Legacy Essential Oil line of products

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