Essential Oil Certification

E.O.B.B.D. Essential Oil Certification Explained

Therapeutic grade Essential Oils for medicinal purposes must be able to be traced back to the field and distiller from which it was produced and the exact chemical makeup must be known. That is why Ancient Legacy carries E.O.B.B.D. oils (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined – aka H.O.B.B.D. in French). It is your guarantee of purity. This label is only granted through the INSA (Institut de Normalization Scientifique d’Aromatologie) a scientific committee of independent health professionals based in Europe.

The source laboratory in France was awarded the H.O.B.B.D. certification as a result of origin and quality controls operated by a under the responsibility of a Ph.D. Pharmacist on each lot of essential oils sold. For therapeutic use, essential oils must meet various standards guaranteeing origin.

The exact botanical species of the plant – including type, qualitative description and variety if applicable
The producing organ – relevant in instances where various parts of plant are considered
The biochemical specificity (b.s.) – shows composition which provides oil with particular therapeutic action

Essential oils having the following characteristics are rejected:

– deterpened essential oil

– chemically reconstituted essential oil (Niaouli frequently is)

– adulterated essential oil (when synthetic aromatic products are added)

– essential oil diluted with less precious essential oil

– essential oil extracted with organic solvents

– burned essential oil (distilled at too high a temperature and pressure)

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