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Essential Oils iPhone App

The Essential Oils page explains how I got into Essential Oils, this page is more about how it led us to build an app.

There are so many uses and properties to the oils I found that I couldn’t keep track and when something would come up I’d be thinking I know there’s an oil or blend for that… or once I figured out what to use, I wasn’t sure if I had all the oils in my personal inventory. Usually my need for information doesn’t happen when I’m home and have my books and computer handy.

I looked for an existing app to use. There were a few, but none met the need I had – a TOOL. Some were company specific and seemed geared more toward promoting a brand, selling and signing up new people. Some were free then charged a subscription. Others were full of pretty pictures, but not good usable information. Feedback on apps I looked at complained that there just wasn’t information on how to actually use the oils.

My husband, Sean, offered to make something simple for me so he didn’t have to hear me complain. So I came up with some requirements for an iPhone app that would meet my needs. Of course the list grew as we went along. It had to:
• List the oils I use along with their description, product number and price
• Allow me to include my own notes on each oil and ability to search them (anyone who has taken Brenda Wright’s workshop knows what a great feature this is!)
• List the oils, properties and suggested uses
• Allow me to keep track of which oils I have in my inventory
• Allow me to keep a wish list of oils and be able to email it
• Allow me to store “recipes” whether I input my own or download them
• Allow me to share my personal recipes through email or peer-to-peer
• Be a simple and clean tool – I didn’t need a bunch of pictures to take up more space on my phone

Since I’m a beginner with the oils, we realized that we needed an expert to help us through this process. Of course I went right to the top and enlisted Brenda Wright! Her input, reviews and the content she provided were critical in making this app the incredibly useful tool it is.

Our hope is that this tool will help others to be able to more fully use essential oils in their everyday lives. I know that in just the few months working on this project I have gone from an occasional user to someone who uses just about every day. Even my kids ask for specific oils by name now. The app is so handy – I always have my iPhone in my pocket and can look things up and offer suggestions to friends. Now I can suggest they get this app and start living the aromatic lifestyle themselves!

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