ASAP Healthy Body Challenge Weight Loss Diet

The Healthy Body Challenge through Youngevity covers several areas. Some folks want to get fit, some to get healthy bones and joints, improve heart and brain health, control blood sugar  and of course, lose weight!

I’ve been using several of the products over the past year and I feel great. Youngevity has some of the highest quality products out there with formulations based on 40+ years of research. My husband, Sean, and I put on some weight over the winter and decided to do something about it. Actually it was Sean’s idea, which is amazing – he has never dieted a day in his life (until now)!

I’m a professional dieter. When I quit smoking at the age of 23 I just poof – expanded in a matter of months and have battled it ever since (I would do it again too – so happy to be a non-smoker). I’ve done all kinds of diets over the years – some work, but most don’t for me. Some that did work the first time, didn’t work again. I’m sure many of you know what I mean.  Also, if I don’t see results I get discouraged. I have toughed it out losing 1 -2 lbs a week over the course of several months and it was hard! At the May 2-4 convention, we heard several testimonies from people who had done the ASAP plan. They showed off their slimmed-down versions on stage while their before pics were displayed. It’s one thing to see pictures, but to see and hear them in person was very motivating.

What I like about this diet is that it’s very similar to the HCG diet, but with a few exceptions:

Drops under tongue 3x day Injection in arm or thigh daily
1000 & 1200 calorie plans – see plans here 500 calorie plan only
All natural vitamins, minerals, aminos and plant extracts - see ingredients here Hormone extract
No prescription needed Prescription needed

The allowed foods are the same except that the ASAP allows beans as one of the protein choice, which I love. And, it allows for taking your nutritional supplements, which are so important all the time but especially when you are reducing calories and food choices.

It has really been nice that Sean and I are doing it together. We aren’t really “competing” but every day we’re excited to compare progress.

We started Thursday, May 16 and here is our progress. The diet is 23 days – we were going to keep going through June 13 but ran out of drops on the 10th.

May 16 May 23 May 30 June 6 June 10
Sean Start -10 lbs -15 lbs -21 lbs  -24
Jenn Start -8 lbs -13 lbs -18 lbs  -21

If you have questions or know someone who would like more information, you can contact me directly Jennifer