My Journey


My name is Jennifer and I am sharing my story because I’d love to see others take control of their health and feel great.

 I’ve known in my heart that God never intended for us to be sickly. I also believed that he put everything here on Earth that we would need to live a healthy life. I had been searching for answers and alternatives to the medications my MD wanted me to take. My story starts in December 2011 when my sister tried to give me a CD. I asked if it was an MLM company and while she tried to explain, I demanded to know if it was MLM or network marketing. She reluctantly said yes, the products are distributed that way, even though you don’t have to sell them to use them. That was all I needed to know. I wouldn’t even take the CD.  I don’t really have anything against network marketing, it’s just that I’m one of those people that others always think I would be so great at their MLM business so I get tired of being approached.
 I had been suffering from depression, fatigue, brain fog, etc.  I had been eating very “clean” and exercising regularly and still nothing was getting better. The next few months I spent a lot of money on tests, light boxes, books, various supplements to target this or that… After trying to patch together a plan from multiple books and articles that I read I was ready to give up. They didn’t make sense or all contradicted each other. I was frustrated! In March, I was invited to a meeting where the doctor would be talking about gluten. Since my son and I have Celiac Disease, I went. This was my first exposure to Youngevity. Dr. Glidden gave a 90 for Life presentation. I was so excited! The whole time he talked I was saying to myself, “yes, YES!” It made so much sense.  It really fell in line with all the things I had been reading, but was so simple.I couldn’t wait to tell my sister about it! Well, when I breathlessly told her what I had heard and how it really clarified all that I had been seeking the past couple of years, she just said, “I know – this is what was on the CD I tried to give you!” I could have kicked myself! I wasted 3 months and a lot of money when I could have already been on the 90 for Life program. Dr. Wallach is always saying, “give me 90 days…” I wasted 90 days and could have had significant relief by this time if I wasn’t so hard-headed!I started on the 90 for Life program thinking I would just use the product and see how it went – I certainly wasn’t looking for another business and there is no pressure to sell. By May I was feeling so much better and actually feeling “good” – I hadn’t felt “good” in so long I couldn’t remember. My husband, the practical engineer, really took notice and although he’s always been one of those people who rarely get sick and never have any health issues, he decided that he should start the 90 for Life program too. About 2 years previous, he had a very bad sprain in his ankle and although it seemed to heal ok, it continued to be a bit sensitive for heavier use – like skiing, sports or long days on his feet. After about 2 months of taking the product, he noticed his ankle wasn’t tender anymore.

When our fourth insurance premium increase since the passage of the “affordable care act” came in, he recommended that we drop our insurance and spend the money on preventing disease through nutrition and supplementation. I couldn’t believe this was my real husband! But he’d read a few books, listened to CDs, attended Dr. Wallach’s lecture and was convinced that this made sense. We put our kids on the supplements too.

The hardest part for me was getting past the MLM/network marketing aspect. It kept me from starting when I should have and makes me apprehensive to tell friends about it. I’ve learned more about it though and find that it is one of the most fair ways to compensate. Especially this company since I don’t have quotas, I don’t have to sell, I don’t have to “re-qualify”, I don’t have to recruit, and all these other things I’ve heard about in some companies. It’s fun to share the great news and I know several people who are suffering conditions needlessly and their doctor isn’t helping them. I do worry that they will think I’m just trying to sell them something to make money, but that is so far from the truth! If I didn’t make anything on this stuff I would still tell people about it. I have always shared great products and experiences with others just because I want them to enjoy or benefit as I have. That you can actually be rewarded for sharing the product is just a bonus!  Also, the FDA, which is run by doctors and pharmaceutical companies, restrict what can be said about supplements. So word of mouth/direct marketing is the logical way to distribute supplements.

Sadly, I have friends that I have told about this and what they need to take to “support and promote” (FDA approved verbiage) the health of their specific ailments – and I look back and think how I wasted months and money with no relief before I decided to just try it and see if it would work for me. I can only share the good news – it is up to others to decide if they are willing to give 90 days to try to fix something that has been plaguing them for years!

I understand the fear of change. I have Celiac disease and sometimes wish I didn’t know so I could still eat pasta at a restaurant or not have to read every label, but then I think about how lousy I used to feel and how I thought that was normal. I’m still able to eat great food (including gluten-free pasta, cookies, etc). I’m very happy now to be on a path to health and longevity.

My Dad said to me that he doesn’t mind getting old and that we should just accept it. I disagree. I don’t mind getting older, I just don’t want to “feel” old. I think about my Grandma, who was so active and vibrant all her life I don’t think she ever sat for a full five minutes! But in her last 5 – 6 years she just sat in a chair with her oxygen tank and 20 prescription meds, with the TV on – not really watching it. It felt like she was just waiting it out and it broke my heart. I want to be one of those people who die at 100 while working in the garden – just doing great and then gone. None of this spending years being sickly and just waiting to die.

I would love to talk to you more about any aspect of Youngevity, the products, supplementation in general or any ailments you may have and wonder if there is a better way. Just go ahead and email or call me using the contact information here.

If Dr. Wallach’s program can provide significant relief in 90 days or less, why not give it a try? What if it works for you like it did for me?


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