picky eaters

These are great products for mothers who are worried that their picky eaters aren’t getting enough nutrition, like I was.

My kids used to live on chicken nuggets, corn dogs, PBJ sandwiches, cereal and the occasional serving of broccoli. I would often comment that I didn’t know how they grew since they ate so little – and got so little actual ‘nutrition.” My son especially. He was diagnosed with celiac and although he’s been totally off gluten for 2 years, he still seemed sickly and would miss school or come home midday.

We really cleaned up our whole family’s diet. No packaged foods, we grill almost all meat, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and cut way back on sugar and starches. That helped a lot, but my son still was tired much of the time. It was hard to get him out of bed. He would rather sit and play games or read a book than go outside and play. He had a hard time paying attention in class – he always had a project of erasers and paper clips going on in his desk.

The kids would take children’s multi-vitamins, but they never seemed to make any difference.

Then I decided to have them take some of the products I had started taking. There was one specifically for kids 2 – 12, which my 8 year old daughter liked called Kid’s Toddy. My son liked mine better and chose that one – the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. The changes were subtle, but within about a month I did notice my son had more energy. He was getting up at 7 AM to play – I used to have to drag him out of bed at 8 AM for school.

The kids were resistant at first, but then got used to drinking their vitamins. I asked my son if he felt better and he said he could feel a difference. He now gladly takes anything I give him.

When school started, I added another product called Sweet Eze. It really helps with blood sugar. My son didn’t seem to have ADD or ADHD, but his problems paying attention and participating in school made me want to try it. I noticed that my son seemed more alert and engaged. This was confirmed when I went to his parent/teacher conference at school and his teacher told me he wasn’t fiddling with stuff in his desk anymore and he was even getting to class early to get the desk right next to the teacher’s lectern at the front of the class. He was also participating more.

The icing was when I looked at his report card and under “absences” it had a big fat zero. I hadn’t realized he had perfect attendance until I saw it in writing.

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Healthy Start Pack

If you already eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is the kit for you! Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine® - 420g canister (1), EFA PLUS™- 90 capsules (1), and Osteo Fx Plus™ - 32 oz (1).

This is what I started with, then added Gluco-Gel for my joints

Rebound FX

Rebound fx™ Citrus Punch is a high-powered alternative to the high-sodium, high carbohydrate sports drinks used by others! Supplying quick sustained energy while offering a balance of antioxidants, natural herbs, and the minerals that must be replenished in order for the body to function at optimal levels! Rebound fx™ Citrus Punch is endorsed and promoted by former NBA All-Star Theo Ratliff

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