tired all the time

I used to wake up tired and have trouble just making it through the day, I was tired, depressed and just trying to get through each day. I would often get frustrated and irritated by minor things. I dreaded running into people I knew and having to talk more than just quick hello. I hated being asked, “how are you.” Once I got home in the evening, I was done. My husband and kids tried to be understanding and leave me alone, but that’s really not reasonable – I had to do something.

For years I’ve tried to take supplements I’d read about, but when I’d go to buy them there would be a dozen or more varieties and combinations. I’d get overwhelmed and end up walking out empty-handed. I got a lightbox for light therapy, but it seemed to annoy me more than help. I took a very expensive hormone test which led to taking a couple of expensive supplements for 2 months. I completed the regimen, but I really couldn’t tell if they did anything. I was ready to give up. But I really didn’t want to go on prescription drugs for depression.

Then one day a friend invited me to hear a doctor give a talk. I went to be polite, but the information made so much sense in light of my experience and the research I’d been doing. I sat through his talk saying to myself, “Yes! Yes!” I went home, got online and got some of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine that very night.

I didn’t feel better over night, but after about a month someone asked how I was doing. I paused and thought a moment and realized that I was doing well, really well actually. After about 2 months, people who know me could tell I was different and were asking what I was doing!

I felt good, had more energy and actually looked forward to running into people and chatting. I even started waking up earlier – rested and ready to get up and do stuff!

It’s been over a year now and I can’t even remember how long ago I felt this good. The best part is it’s so simple I’ve been able to stick with it AND no prescription drugs.

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